Oakley ‘Chemical Vision’ Collection – size? Exclusive

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For almost 45 years, Oakley has sat at the forefront of technical eyewear, constantly innovating and developing new ways of protecting one of your body’s most valuable organs. Founder Jim Jannard’s unique way of looking at the world has helped revolutionise the ways in which products are both created and manufactured.

In 1994, Oakley introduced the Eye Jacket, one of the first ever frames to be created using a CAD production process. Owning the third 3D printer ever created, this method of creation allowed Jim and the development team to make design changes on the spot without having to wait weeks for alterations to be made.

Channelling the brand’s innovative spirit and referencing California’s vibrant history, we’ve teamed up with Oakley on the size? Exclusive ‘Chemical Vision’ collection. Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic tie-dye boom popular throughout the 1960s, each piece of the collection features the vibrant pattern across a range of apparel and accessories.

The pinnacle piece of the Chemical Vision collection is our own rendition of the iconic Oakley Eye Jacket Redux. Limited to 150 pieces only, each frame has been individually hand-dipped in coloured ink, ensuring every pair is an individual work of art. Finishing off the bespoke nature of the release, every pair of glasses has been laser engraved with their own unique identification number.

The size? Exclusive Oakley ‘Chemical Vision’ Collection will be available online and in selected size? stores on Thursday 30th May, priced between £20 – £130.

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