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Gramicci G-Pant and Sweatshirt

Gramicci’s story started way back in ’82 when a long-haired climber by the name of Mike Graham set on a mission to invent a pair of trousers that wouldn’t hold him back when he was tackling the sheer cliffs of Yosemite. Armed with knowledge learned from scaling countless cliffs worldwide, Mike hatched a marvellous idea to add a gusset and a built-in belt to the classic climbing pant. This game-changing G-Pant offered enhanced flexibility and comfort to climbers and set the benchmark for the technical products Grammici have been cooking up ever since.

Over 30 years later, Grammici’s G-Pant has matured into a classic summer trouser. Made from sturdy organic cotton, the pants’ game-changing gusseted crotch is sewn where the inseams meet to allow your legs multi-directional freedom. The pair also boasts a concealed webbing belt which fastens at ease with just one hand, while a flex-fit waistband stretches with the movement of your legs to keep things free and easy.

Gramicci T-Shirt

The G-Pant sits alongside an assortment of Grammici’s other apparel we’re stocking this season. Branded tees and minimal sweatshirts have been carefully crafted with soft cotton, while the water-resistant Gear short and the G-Short are perfect for this time of year. There’s also a very nice lightweight coach jacket on offer which comes lined with breathable mesh to ensure you’re kept cool and comfortable this summer.

Follow this link to check out all of the Gramicci gear we’re stocking at the moment.

Gramicci Coach Jacket

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