the authority on air: Air Stab ‘Dave White’

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Fast-forward five years since our first project, and we celebrated an anniversary milestone of our own by hitting the 10-year mark. Among the many brands we collaborated with to produce limited products, we released 10 shoes in total with Nike, each one taking colour inspiration from both classic and obscure Nike silhouettes. Among the great releases were the Sock Racer-inspired Lunar Mariah, size? logo-themed Blazers and the ACG Terra influenced Nike Lunar Air 180 – the first release of its kind on that futuristic midsole. To top off the year and to complete the set of releases, we finally gave the people what they wanted. Images had been flying around internet sneaker forums of the Stab for years, with never-ending enquiries as to whether or not it would actually end up releasing at some point.

Limited to 400 pairs, the Nike Air Stab released on 3rd December 2010, finally adding the final piece to complete the ‘Wet Paint’ pack. To honour such a prestigious release, we once again teamed up with Rosie Lee to host an event at the aptly named Air Gallery on Dover Street, London. Each one of the 10 year releases from the past year were displayed on the night, alongside original pairs of Air Huarache, Sock Racer and Air Mariah that the colourways were inspired by.

Prior to the event, Dave painted an enormous abstract rendition of the Air Stab on a surface made up from 104 wooden panels. Once completed, this was then disassembled live on the night, with each one-of-a-kind piece of artwork individually signed and numbered by White as a keepsake for each of the attendees. The oil paint was still wet even as they were being sliced up!

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