FILA ‘White Rock’ Apparel Collection

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Honouring the original 1987 collection which was created in collaboration with legendary mountain climber Reinhold Messner, Italian craftsmen FILA return this season with an updated version of the famous FILA ‘White Rock’ collection.

After their initial success creating premium tennis apparel, with tennis icons such as Bjorn Borg rising to the top of the ranks while boasting the brand’s F-Box logo, in 1976 FILA branched out into the world of Mountaineering.

Fuelled by the hunger and desire to be the first man to scale the precarious heights of Mount Everest – solo – and without the support of supplementary oxygen tanks, in 1978 Reinhold Messner did so while bearing climbing gear designed by FILA. Lusting for more, Messner would go on to reach 13 peaks of the Himalayas, lifting the FILA brand and their signature F-Box logo proudly to some of the planets tallest peaks, leaving behind a historical and memorable mountaineering legacy while doing so.

Fast forward to the present day, and these latest offerings from FILA are still very much influenced by products from their past. This seasons latest FILA apparel collection nods back to their original ‘White Rock’ collection.

Stand-out styles from the luxury collection include the ‘Broad Peak’ fleece-back tracksuit, arriving in a striking yellow palette coupled woven jacquard tape detailing. Next up, the cosy ‘Makalu’ microfleece tracksuit similarly features jacquard patterning and both the two tracksuits are 1-to-1 reissues of their 80’s originals.

Other pieces in the ‘White Rock’ collection include some ’90s-inspired rugby shirts, vintage-styled crewneck sweatshirts, and two graphic print tees pulling imagery straight from the vast FILA archive.

The latest FILA apparel collection is available online and in size? stores now.

Take a look back at when we visited the FILA archive in Biella, Italy.

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