Jason Markk Cleaning Series – Episode 1: The Solution

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For the first in our Jason Markk ‘Cleaning Series’ guides, we’ll be focusing on how to clean an all-white leather pair of Nike Air Force 1’s. Watch the video guide, or follow the step-by-step guide below!

Jason Markk Shoe Care Cleaning products

Firstly, preparation is key – throughout this guide we’ll be using:

Jason Markk 4oz Premium Cleaner

Jason Markk Standard Brush

Jason Markk Suede Brush

Jason Markk Microfiber Cleaning Towel

A bowl of room temperature water (most of the cleaning comes from the solution, so the temperature shouldn’t matter too much)

Before getting your shoes wet use the Jason Markk suede brush dry brush to gently brush and remove any excess dirt. The suede brush’s soft horsehair bristles are ideal for use on all different shoe types and materials. Removing the dry debris from the shoe beforehand prevents you from rubbing it in any further once the shoe is wet.

Brushing dirt off a shoe with a Jason Markk Drybrush

Next, remove the laces to ensure you can clean every inch of your sneaker, without missing a single spot.

Dab the Standard Brush into the bowl of water and shake off the excess liquid from the bristles to prevent over-wetting your trainer when cleaning it.

Add four to five drops of the Premium Cleaner along with the bristles, dip back into the water and shake off once again. Once done, you’re good to begin cleaning.

Start off cleaning the outsole and the midsole, then work your way onto the upper. Scrubbing your trainers in circular motions tends to bring out the best results. Ensure you brush thoroughly, stubborn areas may require several scrubs to remove all marks.

The sturdy acrylic bristles on the Standard Brush make it the best tool to eliminate dirt from rubber midsoles and outsoles.

Once you’ve begun scrubbing and the solution has foamed up, it’s time to bring out the Microfibre Towel. Continuing to rub it down with the towel helps absorb and attract the remaining dirt or the surface. Further rubbing helps to remove marks from stubborn areas, such as the grainy Air Force midsole.

Don’t forget the laces. Dip them into the bowl of cleaning solution to get them all wet, then squeeze out the excess liquid.

Next, add a couple of drops of the Premium Cleaner directly onto the laces and rub them between your hands until they begin to foam, then once again, wipe them down with the Microfibre Towel. Wait for them to dry, re-lace and you’re good to go!

Alternatively, make the whole cleaning process easier by using the Jason Markk RTU Foam. Readily mixed with the perfect ratio of cleaning solution to water, the ready to use foam provides quick and easy cleaning. 

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