size? Carnaby Street x Hoodlab Pop-Up

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To welcome in our fresh apparel space at Carnaby Street, we’re collaborating Manchester streetwear label Hoodlab, to bring customers an exclusive pop-up space. The space will feature the ‘All Rights Removed’ collection from brand, along with 7 previously sold out graphic t-shirts, which have been reprinted especially for the pop-up shop.

Created in 2015 by Joe Burnham and Ben Webb, The Hoodlab are a collective of Manchester based designers, artists, photographers and creatives. Presenting “Manchester to the world”, The Hoodlab have re-imagined streetwear essentials in their collections, collaborating with brands along the way. In 2017, Hoodlab successfully hooked up with Hummel to create a limited capsule collection. Drawing inspiration from numerous subcultures, Hoodlab’s apparel is largely graphic focussed. Their latest ‘All Rights Removed’ collection consists of hoods, sweats and tees in a mix of vibrant colours, all featuring the brands signature logo.

size? Carnaby Street apparel basement will host the Hoodlab pop-up shop for a limited time only from the 21.08.18.

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