FAQ’s: Everything you need to know about the size? previews app

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Lately we’ve noticed that the interest and demand on our size? previews app has increased and naturally, so have the questions and queries about it. We wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions about how we manage it and how it works on and around launch days when you’re using it in order to be totally transparent and honest with our customers and community.

Q: What is the size? previews app?

A: The size? previews app is a bespoke, custom built app designed to become your go-to destination for product previews & launches. The app gives you the opportunity to be the first in line and get instant access to key product releases. Limited edition product launches on size?previews in order to create a fair system for customers to purchase, simply first come, first served.

Q: How does the size? previews app work?

A: Once you’ve created a size? previews account (or simply log in using your existing account which will work on the app), you’ll be able to pre-save your payment and delivery details to speed up the checkout process. If you implement these two steps your checkout will be as fast as possible, checking out in a matter of taps. Once logged in, you’ll then be able to browse any upcoming launches, bookmark your selected product and size, select when and how you want to be notified on your phone, and watch the countdown until your product becomes available. Just before the product launches you can set a push notification to make sure that you’re ready, and once the product goes live you’ll be able to add the product to your cart, where it is then reserved for 5 minutes.

Q: How do I find out what products will be available on the app, and how do I get to the product info before it sells out?

A: Our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages are publicly accessible and will contain launch details as they become available, including launch dates and times, size availability and whether the product will be featured on the app. We also send out a dedicated email newsletter reminder for a large majority of our footwear releases which host a direct link to the app stores to download the size? previews app.

Q: I was on the launch app product page at exactly the time the product was set to launch, but the shoe I have been waiting for sold out immediately. What happened?!

A: When the countdown hits zero, the page automatically refreshes to give you the chance to add your bookmarked size to your basket. When a customer adds a product to their basket, the product is reserved for five minutes to allow them to check out successfully. With high profile launches, the amount of people on the app trying to get a pair can hugely outweigh the number of pairs that we have available as i’m sure you can imagine, meaning inevitably that some people miss out on being able to purchase the product. These are allocated on literally a first clicked, first served basis.

Q: Are your high profile launches one per customer and how do you stop people buying more than one pair?

All our high tier, in-demand launches are capped at 1 pair per customer. This is to keep distribution fair and even and is also so a bigger selection of customers manage to purchase launch product. Our stores also operate a one per customer policy on high demand launches. We have a team of people on hand for each launch who go through every single order to make sure that the one per customer rule is adhered to and any multiple orders or multiple individual purchases are cancelled and the stock re-distributed.

Q: Why do you reserve the product? What happens when the customer doesn’t check out?

A: We reserve the product in a customer’s basket for five minutes to allow them to move through the checkout process without having to worry about losing their pair (or being ‘cart-jacked’) as this is often a huge frustration when trying to buy a release. If, as can sometimes be the case, that person doesn’t check out within the allotted reserved time, the pair will become available on the app again immediately. This means if you didn’t get a pair immediately, it’s always worth checking back on the app a few minutes after launch to see if more pairs are put back into stock from abandoned baskets.

Q: Why does my size say “out of stock” but then after a while, or even a day or two later it shows back in stock?

A: Sometimes launch product comes back into stock due to failed payments, returns, cancellations and abandoned baskets. We also transfer last remaining items from stores back online after a certain period. Occasionally more stock can also be made available from the brands.

Q: I have ordered the wrong size, can I change it? (Please note: Footwear will always be displayed in UK sizes on the size? previews app)

A: If this happens, then you should get in touch with our Customer Care team by either contacting them on Twitter (@sizehelpteam), by emailing your details and request to them directly ( or filling out a customer service form ( They will then cancel your order so you don’t get charged and it doesn’t get dispatched, but you will then have to place your order once more. There is no way to alter a size once the order has been placed.

Q: I don’t live in the UK, can I still use the app?

A: Absolutely and we encourage it. The app is available in App and Google Play stores and can be used worldwide as well as offering multiple international shipping options, however at the moment it is only available in English language and you can only check out in British Pounds (GBP). Just to let you know, we always announce our footwear launch times in BST (British Standard Time) or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) depending on the time of year.

Q: Why do some of your footwear releases end up on eBay?

A: Due to the demand for our limited releases and value customers place on some products, you will often see our product being “re-sold” in various places including auction sites, such as eBay, which we 100% do not condone in any way whatsoever. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to control what happens to the stock once we have sold it. However we don’t sell any of our releases in bulk, manually going through every single order and actively cancelling any large orders for the same product, nor do we allow any of our staff to re-sell which is also monitored extremely closely.

Q: How are products offered for sale by people before they’ve even been launched?

A: The way the majority of re-sellers work is that they use a dedicated network of people buying our product on launch day from our stores all over the country and online, so they can ‘guarantee’ a full size range (what you will see on eBay etc). They use these ‘pre-orders’ to determine how many and what size they need in a certain product. If you look at the end dates on these listings, they will almost always end either ON or AFTER our official release date, when they will then have access to the product via their buying network. We are constantly improving surveillance on re-sellers via our store network and digital channels and are actively blocking and identifying known re-sellers and re-sell networks from accessing our in demand launches at scale.

Q: Why don’t you do pre-order?

A: We don’t provide a pre-ordering system because on occasion we get a lower amount of footwear delivered by the brands than first thought which can be due to port delays, logistics and short turnaround times of availability and booking of product. If this did happen once we had taken pre-orders, then we would then have to refund a certain amount of customers picked at random, and I’m sure you’ll agree that this wouldn’t be fair and also hugely frustrating for customers.

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