What’s your size? Introducing FitFinder

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One of the most important elements to factor in when buying clothing is obviously how well it fits. How do you want to wear a certain item alongside the rest of an outfit? Tighter, slightly looser? Not only that, every brand out there is sized up differently so there’s always a slight bit of uncertainty when shopping online. We’ve recently introduced a new feature online called FitFinder, a piece of software that allows you to double check how a product fits by entering in your personal measurements and comparing them against others who have done the same in order to get as accurate a reading as possible.

Take a look at the steps below to see how it all works, and give it a try yourself on some of our latest products online.

Your Measurements

First up you’ll need to enter your height and weight, which will be the first port of call to give you a bit of an outline idea of where you might be looking.

Belly & Chest Shape

After the initial height and weight measurement stage, we go into a touch more detail to get your accurate sizing. Chest and Belly specifically, with 3 options for each respectively. It’s best to be as detailed as possible here and select the body shape you think best reflects your own. After inputting your belly measurements, you’ll then be asked to repeat the same process for your chest measurements.


Next up, your age… Okay. This might seem a strange request for some, but our age has an influence on how our weight is distributed, so by knowing your age the FitFinder can assist you in selecting the right size.

Fit preference

Last, but definitely not least is fit preference. Brands differ in their measurements, therefore a universal ‘medium’ isn’t always the same from brand to brand. So, if you like a looser fitted trouser, with a closer fit sweatshirt, the FitFinder will correspond appropriately. The personalised response is based on the answers you’ve already given and how they correspond with others who’ve responded similar, creating a reliable recommendation for each item you choose to purchase.

So, with all this in mind, knowing your exact measurements can save you time and money next time your considering a new purchase.


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