size? x ASICSTIGER: Japan Photo Essay Part One

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Prior to the release of our two collaborative projects with ASICSTIGER, culminating in this weeks GEL-LYTE OG ’36 Views’ release, we got the opportunity to head out to the motherland of the brand and really immerse ourselves in the culture that inspired the product. Our latest projects with ASICSTIGER have taken a look back at stories that relate back to both modern and traditional cultural practices within the country, looking at the way in which the Japanese have both adopted certain interests and created their own originals.

Looking at the world’s of fashion, technology, and design, Japan is one of the most well respected countries in the world in every field. Their attention to detail is second to none, and every care is taken to ensure the functionality of a product is just as important as the visual aspect. It’s hard not to turn a corner and find something intriguing and inspiring, from the meticulously constructed power transformers that buzz overhead, to the pastel uniforms worn by city workers employed to keep the country looking incredibly spotless.

Starting off in the southern region of Kobe where the brands World Headquarters are based, we then travelled further up the country to Nagoya via Bullet Train, and finished off the weeks travelling in Tokyo, undeniably one of the streetwear capitals of the world. Take a look at Part One of our travel photo essay below to see what we experienced on the first half of our trip, and check back next week for Part Two where we take to the illuminated streets of Tokyo.

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