size?series Collection One

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Last year we showcased the first part of our ongoing artist focused project, commissioning creatives from across the globe to re-interpret our Question mark icon in their own inimitable way. Each rendition encompassed a lot of thought, and many took pretty varied approaches to analysing what a ‘?’ meant to them.

For the next stage, we’ve commissioned the next set of artworks for the series and created a four-piece t-shirt collection depicting the works of Paul Thurlby, Will Harvey, Adam Nickel and Chris DeLorenzo. Coincidentally, the quartet split their colour choices up evenly, with half opting for illustrative monochrome themed artwork, while the others choosing vibrant hues within their background.

To coincide with the collection we’re also releasing the first issue of our new zine, ‘popping off?’, a monthly publication helping further tell the stories behind the latest product collections releasing at size?. In this introductory issue, we spoke to each of the commissioned artists to find out a bit more about their creative process and why they interpreted their Question Mark in such a way. ‘popping off?’ will be available from all size? stores for a limited period.

size?series Collection One will be available online and from all size? stores on Thursday 22nd February, priced at £25 and limited to 300 pieces per artwork.

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