Introducing – size? Question Mark Series

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Since our establishment as a retailer 17 years ago in 2000, we’ve seen size? slowly expand across the country and further into Europe. With each location stocking a multitude of classic and upcoming brands, as well as some of the most sought after releases week on week. One thing that’s always stayed prominent is our Question Mark, an icon that sums up our dedication to helping our customer to the best of our ability to get the products that they need. It’s become our signature logo, and has graced some of our favourite collaborations we’ve worked on with brands over the years.

Recently, we’ve begun to really take ownership of the logo again, you may have seen on our last couple of projects with Nike this year where we commissioned Illustrators Tim Easley, Jiro Bevis, and Designer Tim Head to re-interpret the question mark using each creatives individual style. Both the Air Max Day and Air Force 1 Carnival projects ran with a theme relating to their connected sneaker, with each pulling of their artwork impeccably.

We’re continuing to expand on this project, and each week we’ll be revealing a new artists rendition of the logo. With no fixed theme this time around, the mixed-media selection of artists have created a really diverse range of artworks that demonstrate how each of their minds tick, by only having the brief of a single ‘?’ to work from.

On the release of each artwork, you’ll be able to pick up a collectable postcard in all size? stores, and on the odd occasion we’ll be releasing very limited edition products with the related artwork on, but you’ll have to keep watching for more information about that…

Keep an eye on the blog this week for the announcement of the first artist to grace the Question Mark.


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