HUF Summer Collection

The latest output from San Francisco natives HUF dropped with us recently, so we took the collection out into the streets to take a closer look at some of the vibrant patterns and signature branding that have helped form their identity since their beginning.

Consisting of staple pieces from each season such as Coach Jackets, Long Sleeves, Button up shirts and Raglans, the entire collection has quite a varied palette and material selection across the board. Yellow Zebra print shirts sit next to core black half-zip jackets, and in between you have some of the classic type orientated logo based pieces the brand is known for. Owner Keith Hufnagel has always had very eclectic tastes, pulling inspiration from both ‘sneaker culture’ and skateboarding, and this has carried through within each collection put out every season.

The latest products from HUF are available online and in size? stores now.



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