An Introduction to Henry Poole

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London’s renowned Savile Row has always been a mecca for those in search of the finest tailoring in the world, and attracts a discerning customer looking for something a bit different. Henry Poole was the first brand to open their doors on Savile Row, and was key in establishing the identity of the area for bespoke suit making. What first began as a family business has since been passed down the generations and is still family owned to this day, handing down expertise from one generation to another.

With a fine attention to detail lying at its heart, the company have been making bespoke handmade suits since 1806, and have provided garments for esteemed members of society such as Emperor Napoleon, King Edward III, and Winston Churchill.

As with all suits created using a bespoke process, the entire package is created to the users unique needs, fitting to their natural form to ensure the perfect fit. All considerations are taken so the jacket fit’s just right, and any specific accommodations can be made during the construction of the pattern.

There are over 6000 material samples to choose from to create the suit out of, and special personal touches can be added to ensure your creation is definitely a one-off. Anything is possible and any request can be met. The care and attention each customer receives from the specialists at Henry Poole is also something that attracts several generations of customer, and each measurement taken will be kept within the vast records for a future visit.

Henry Poole are credited with the original creation of the first dinner jacket, commissioned by the Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII) as something formal to wear to occasions at Sandringham. The English Dinner Jacket would soon find its way overseas after being introduced to the Tuxedo Club, a Private members society who were all already loyal customers of Henry Poole. The jacket was subsequently christened as the ‘Tuxedo’ in America, and can usually be found dressed in it’s signature ‘Midnight Blue’ fabric.

One of the most famous figures on Henry Poole’s books was the iconic ex-Prime Minister Winston Churchill. A man often associated with his suits and jackets, it was a certain chalk stripe flannel suit created for Churchill which is often remembered, a distinctive pinstripe covered garment which would often be worn with an accompanying waistcoat and bow tie.

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