Introducing: Pleasures

Moving into the Summer months we’ve got a host of new brands we’re pleased to welcome into the size? roster, the first of which to arrive is LA’s Pleasures.

Having slowly developed into the brand it sits as today over the past couple years of work, Pleasures is the creative output of Alex James (formerly Publish) and brings together a culmination of influences derived from the ‘punk’ way of doing things. It’s anti-aesthetic makes use of a variety of references within graphic prints, drawing from music and imagery James grew up tuned in to, and channeling a DIY ethos throughout each item. Pleasures is a brand with self expression at it’s core.

The punk aspect runs over into the brands whole identity rather than just the prints on it’s shirts, it’s creative output of lookbooks and imagery is very experimental and cut & paste, a direct throwback to makeshift punk zine’s of the 70’s with a real handmade feel to everything.

The latest collection from Pleasures compiles a host of ideas exchanged between the team over social media DM’s and moodboards, making use of modern technology to reinvent the age-old process of designing clothes. We’re looking forward to seeing how the brand develops going forward and what other cultural influence will begin to pour into it.

The current selection from Pleasures is available online and selected size? stores now.



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