Nike Air Max ‘Snake’ Pack

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Adding a luxurious take on three of their sportswear classics, Nike present all-over white versions of the Air Max 90, 95 and 97, complete with reptile scaled accents. We took a close look ahead of next weeks launch to see how each shoe has been overhauled.

The Air Max 95 has seen it’s fair share of different interpretations so far this year, with the introduction of many new experimental materials. This rendition adds the reptile texture to the front mudguard wrap, with extra print added to two of the four sidewall ‘ribs’ synonymous with the 95. In addition to the snake, each shoe from the back also toys with different combinations of mesh, leather, and heavy canvas to complement the overall look.

The application  on the Air Max 90 is again, not too overbearing. When making use of snakeskin we think it’s important to not go too overboard with it, it’s just a simple extra touch that add’s a whole extra level of quality onto the shoe.

Lastly, the shoe we think everyone’s been waiting to see is the Air Max 97. Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year, you can expect to see a whole lot of activity around it, with this release setting the tone for the rest of the year.

All three styles from the Nike Air Max ‘Snake’ Pack will be available online and in size? stores on Thursday 29th June, with the Air Max 95 priced at £125, Air Max 97 priced at £140, and Air Max is currently TBC.

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