size? presents: Vintage Runners Publication

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In the modern age we find ourselves accustomed to wearing space-age technology underfoot on a daily basis, but it’s easy to forget the years of development that go into creating a product, and even remembering where it all began.

Classified in the present day as ‘vintage runners’, we’ve taken a look back at a selection of the great reissue’s currently available at size?, and how they’ve helped form the foundations for the performance running shoes over the past five decades. Original colourways make a welcome return, alongside new iterations inspired by the past and the athletes that performed historical feats on the track wearing them.

Vintage Runners Volume 1, including iconic footwear from Nike, adidas Originals, Onitsuka Tiger and many more, is available for free in all size? stores now. The footwear included in the publication is available in size? store and online here.



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