The best trainers on foot at Crepe City

In between hosting our Airchive space just around the corner over the weekend, we also found some time to take a wander around the event ourselves to take everything in and search for some bargains ourselves. It’s been great to see the event grow over the past few years, from a filling a bar in Shoreditch to now taking up the entirety of the expansive Truman Brewery. There’s an incredible amount of variety available to cater for all tastes. The modern day hype line-up of adidas Originals Yeezy’s and the latest Jordan releases are there to serve those with deep pockets, and for those with older, more refined tastes, there are plenty of obscure hidden gems available at great prices. You’d be very hard-pushed to not find even the most seemingly abstract release in amongst the hundreds of sellers.

We love a good old release with a bit of history behind it, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite rarities we saw on foot during the earlier part of the day, and even more that passed through our Airchive space throughout. I’m sure there were thousands more great pairs we didn’t get the chance to see unfortunately!

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