Nike ‘Fresh Air from Oregon’

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In the continued build up towards March 26th, for the first time Nike have given us a glimpse behind the scenes at the facility used to produce their iconic air units.

A continued evolution of Frank Rudy’s innovative ‘Air Bag’ concept that he approached Nike with back in the 70’s, the latest bubble attached to the VaporMax is one of the most elaborate cushioning systems Nike have dabbled with to date.

The process makes use of what appears to be a bespoke type of Vacuum forming that encapsulates a specifically measured amount of air within the plastic casing. The dedicated facility located in Beaverton, Oregon is a short walk away from the WHQ, a handy location where finely tuned adjustments can be overseen be a team of experts to ensure quality of production is consistently tight.

Stay tuned to the blog for more information regarding the release of the Nike VaporMax in the coming weeks.

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