Reebok InstaPump Supreme


Sitting in the position as one of Reeboks most famous, if not extremely obscure releases, the Insta Pump Fury was an incredibly innovative piece of design when first introduced in 1994. It fused together several different breakthrough technologies that Reebok were working on at the time including a full length carbon fibre support, a split midsole, and of course the unmissable air bladder that wrapped around the dorsal area of the foot. 

The concept behind the original Pump system was to create a shoe that would perfectly fit around any foot shape to give that perfect fit. Once the shoe was on, the bladder was inflated by pumping the logo button down several times, so air would slowly fill the space, compressing around and hugging your foot. First introduced in the tongue of Reebok’s basketball output in the late 80’s, the tech soon found it’s way onto the feet of runners come 1994 once development had been completed by designer Steven Smith and his team.

Updating it with a slightly more modern aesthetic across the board, Reebok bring us the Pump Supreme for 2017. The bladder technology is still present within the upper construction, but it’s application varies from the way it originally sat on the Fury. A zig-zag patterned bag runs vertically across the sidewall, stemming from the circle Pump tab found at the top of the tongue. The release valve sits out of the way around the back of the shoe towards the heel, and holding the bladder in place is a lightweight mesh that forms the foundation of the upper. It’s formation creates a sock like fit ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer. Slightly more streamlined than it’s predecessors, the Pump Supreme incorporates elements of it’s original DNA to help inform the next stage of development.

Both colourways of the Reebok Pump Supreme ‘Engineers’ pack are available online and in size? stores now.





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