Stüssy Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

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A material focused direction for Winter 2016 see’s Stüssy bring together a combination of textures on a collection that varies in shades and hue’s. There are three main inclusions within each piece that help ensure the strength of the collection is present throughout. Firstly there’s no specific range of colours used across the board, rather than opt to use 5 shades of green, they’ve gone all out and brought in deep red’s and sky blue’s, soft creams, and vibrant magenta’s. Material choices are switched up from garment to garment, including staple sweatshirt fabric on hoodies and pullovers, corduroy on caps, and hardwearing canvas on a pair of pinstripe pants.

Graphic applications for this season are fairly minimal, with any imagery mostly concentrated on type treatments of the iconic six letters and umlaut. Varsity style block capitals on sweatshirts, skinny spaced out letters on hoodies and Stüssy’s original hand scrawled script logo ensure variety that still sits well with eachother.

The whole Stüssy Winter 2016 collection is available online and in size? stores now.







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