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size? for women present a series of artist collaborations celebrating Reebok Classics through the creative women who wear them. Bringing together a selection of women who work within varying disciplines, each subject will interpret a collection using their unique visual style.banner

Leading the first instalment of the project is artist and illustrator Karis Knight. Known for her mixed-media approach to art-making, Karis blends hard edged digital geometry with feminine textures and colour treatments, in a variety of materials and unexpected compositions. Through a series of three artworks in her signature style, Karis has called out the luxury, quilted texture visible on each model and collided them with graphic elements.


Reebok sat down with Karis to talk a bit about her style and her methods of working.

We’re excited to have you on board as our first Classics Collective member. For those who aren’t in the know, can you give us a bit of an introduction?

Hello! I am a visual artist based in London, that aspires to create striking visuals for contemporary culture that are of reverence. Exploring all creative possibilities, with materials and methods to execute innovative designs that are rich in colour, shape, pattern and texture.

You’ve a unique approach blending collage with 2D and 3D elements. How did you come to develop your style?

I have always had an insatiable need to create colour and pattern combinations using any materials at hand since I was young, even drawing on my grandma’s new sofa with crayons! This consistent desire to explore the manipulation of materials to create pattern was ingrained into my style even more so with my time spent at Central Saint Martin’s specialising in Textile print design. I would explore pattern making through all sorts of techniques such as laser cutting, melting materials, collaging etc.

After graduating and working on a collaborative piece with established Illustrator James Dawe, I was inspired to develop my work in a more illustrative manner and began to explore distorted perspectives to create depth in my work. I was fascinated by architecture and the unique patterns that are created by cityscapes that go unnoticed in our every day environments. I would use the limitless amount of shape, pattern and colour combinations present in these environments to create small utopian cityscapes that would often have distorted perspectives, this can especially be seen in my mural work. I’m always experimenting and trying new methods of developing my work and find that receiving commissions has always been a good way to take me out of my comfort zone and really apply my style to a client’s vision.


Your brief for this project was to create a series of artworks around the Quilted Pack. Tell us a bit about your creative process?

I visualised the shoe and the urban surfaces the wearer would encounter in the city. By deconstructing the geometric pattern of the quilt, I wanted to create abstract building blocks from a myriad of textures fused with the quilted fabric to create a vibrant layered quilted and textured cityscape.

How will you be styling your Quilted Pack?

I always love to wear sports luxe. The juxtaposition of soft tailoring and casual sportswear, with luxury fabrics, creates comfortable fashion that is smart and stylish – a look that I feel the quilted pack is perfect in accentuating, and even being a statement piece for an outfit. Especially as my day can fluctuate from designing, to being hands on cutting materials and painting, to then meeting clients.

You can find more of Karis’ work over on her Instagram – @karismatikk 

The Reebok Classic ‘Quilted’ Collection is available online and in selected size? stores now.


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