adidas Originals NMD Paris Event Recap

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Continuing to build the hype around the NMD collection and it’s impact on the future of footwear, we headed over to Paris for a special event hosted by adidas Originals celebrating all things techno in the capital.


With the theme of current and future NMD releases revolving around music, the event was very aurally concentrated, taking a look back at the history of the french Techno movement. Sets by Clara 3000, Maya Jane Coles and Bambounou set the tone for a backdrop of lightshows and listening stations on the Soundwall which played a mix of electronic tracks that brought back memories of nights gone by. The past NMD events adidas Originals have put on have looked to reclaim abandoned spaces and once again fill them with the sounds they were once inhabited by.


An incredible event space was pulled together, situated under the side of a motorway underpass, it drew inspiration from old skool raves that helped keep the sound exciting and innovative the first time around.


One of the standout features at the location was an enormous cube structure dubbed the Tesseract, which is billed as the next generation of the clubbing experience. A full 360 degree sound system echoed around the cube, and dozens of spotlights revolved in time to the pounding beat.


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