Introducing the Nike Roshe Two

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“Flexibility doesn’t always equate comfort. It is more complicated than that,” states Dylan Raasch, lead designer of the Nike Roshe Two and its predecessor, Nike Roshe One, which championed an only-what’s-necessary philosophy that dissected a sneaker into its primary elements and then refined them. To wit, Nike Sportswear designers look at three key attributes when they design footwear for all-day wear.

1) Underfoot comfort: A combination of stability, support and cushioning, based upon research from the NSRL

“[Footwear] insoles were initially used to cover up stitching at the bottom of the shoe,” Raasch explains. “Now, they are the first layer of a cushioning system.”

To achieve the ultimate underfoot comfort, the Nike Roshe Two pairs dual-density memory foam in the insole with a new innovative outsole that has been cored to improve flexibility and allow each waffle to move independently. Combined with a new, tri-fusion IU midsole, it features three unique densities to deliver targeted compression and durability that doesn’t pack out by the end of the day. The lowest density is directly underfoot for enhanced cushioning, while higher surface density on the outsole provides impact protection.

2) Upper comfort: A contoured, dynamic fit is also key

“[All-day footwear] should basically be an adaptive glove for your feet,” Raasch declares.

Nike designers tackle this necessity via engineered materials. In particular, the Nike Roshe Two features a minimal upper that forms to its wearer’s foot, while lofted groves add flexibility and a supplemental foam layer provides additional cushioning.

3) Long-lasting comfort: A responsive system

“If your feet feel great after a crazy day, then we have done our job.” Raasch affirms.

Along with providing underfoot and upper comfort, all-day footwear must anticipate the physiology associated with full-day wear. Feet swell and the in-shoe temperature rises as the hours accrue.  The Nike Roshe Two provides stretch and breathability in the upper to counteract these realities, while providing suitable support underfoot.

The Nike Roshe Two and Roshe Two Flyknit lands online and into size? stores on September 1st.





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