Nike ‘Ale Brown’ Pack

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Bringing together some of the most recognisable runners from their extensive archive, Nike present the ‘Ale Brown’ pack. You might have seen us discussing it previously in August’s episode of The Preview, and it’s finally arrived on our doorstep.

A culmination of 90’s runners that represented the peak of technology during that significant decade, a combination of premium materials and colour themes have been brought together and applied across the whole pack. The selected icons include the Air Max 90, Classic BW, Air Max 95, and Air Huarache, and the designation of each colour and material varies across each shoe.

The Air Huarache features Navy and White as it’s dominating palette, with light brown extending around the back of the upper via the flexible heel strap.


The Classic BW also features the white canvas heavily as it’s primary colour hit, with the Navy washing over the whole midsole and rubber heelcup. The brown element is used very minimally on the ‘Air Max’ heel detailing.


The Air Max 95 makes great use of it’s panelled upper, splitting the cream and brown in half and dividing the leather and canvas evenly. Navy spans the length of the bulbous, air-filled midsole, and a reflective brown panel stretches up the heel in place of the traditional silver sheen.


The Air Max 90 again utilises the split-fabric methodology, but this time around brown and navy have been used in place. The white element of the palette cleverly comes in the form of the light midsole, with the Air Unit surrounded by deep navy. Another feature instilled into each design is a very small hit of pink, present on every shoe but barely noticeable. You’ll be able to find them inside of air unit’s, sewn in as Swooshes, or sitting proudly on the branded tongue-tabs.


The Nike ‘Ale Brown’ pack will release online and in selected size? stores on Monday 15th August, priced as follows:

Nike Air Max 95 – £120

Nike Air Max 90 – £120

Nike Air Huarache – £95

Nike Air Max Classic BW – £105

Look out for links posted at 8am over on our Twitter page that will take you directly through to the products.






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