AAA – An Exhibition of Grime Photography by Vicky Grout

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vicky_grout_AAA-7London based photographer Vicky Grout is one of a few creatives currently flourishing in the documentation of a fast-rising music scene. On hand for the past couple of years to capture the movements of the steady evolution of Grime, Vicky’s is always the name tagged onto the myriad of portraits and live images that will have no doubt popped up on you instagram feed at one point or another. Crafting her own style of image making, she’s created a recognisable style of her own that links her portfolio together and helped form her visual identity.

We headed down to the opening of her first UK exhibition of her work at The Hoxton Gallery to take a look at some previously unreleased work, and other imagery which has helped mould her into the photographer she is today.

The show is open to the public until Sunday 7th August at The Hoxton Gallery, 59 Old St, London EC1V 9HX.


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