Champion x Beams Collection 2016


A coming together of two worlds, this latest collaboration between classic American sportswear mainstays Champion and Japanese lifestyle brand Beams channels both form and function. Champion are historically a household name in the sportswear category, producing some of the best functional athletic apparel whether it be for sporting activity or just casual wear. They’ve dominated the market since their inception in 1919, and an emphasis on high quality has always been at the top of their agenda.


Beams has been a well established name in the world of Japanese street culture since 1976, and you’d be hard-pushed to go anywhere in Japan without coming across a Beams location of some sort. The range of product available is extremely vast, building a name for themselves within the fashion sector and slowly developing the brand that encapsulates cafe’s, interior goods, music and many other factors. The concept behind the Beams brand is to communicate the ideas and context behind a product, to fully inform the discerning Japanese customer intrigued by the finer details.


This marl orientated collection features a host of new apparel shapes designed by Beams, alongside a few staple pieces that have been slightly updated with small but significant details. Zips are present throughout the majority of the range, even a small hidden one makes it’s way onto the chest of a clean grey t-shirt. The whole pack consists of a range of options including half-zip hoods, overhead crew necks, cuffed sweatshirts and branded t-shirts. Branding is minimal across the board, with Beams creating their own ‘B’ interpretation of the iconic C logo to put their own signature on the product. The entire collection is an extremely clean take on some of the great original pieces Champions offers, adding unique details to create something new.

The whole Champion x Beams Collection is available online now.






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