Nike Football presents: The Switch

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Including the obvious spectacle of watching ‘The Beautiful Game’ being played itself, we’ll always look forward to the innovative marketing activity that surrounds international competitions. Nike are obviously no strangers to going all out with their campaigns to showcase their athletes (and more importantly, what’s on their feet) and once again pushed the boat out with their latest short film, titled ‘The Switch’.


To give a brief overview, during an international fixture, we see Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo gunning down the right wing preparing to cross the ball into the box. After the ball leaves his foot he continues his path straight into the side hoardings and collide’s with one of the ballboys. The encounter leaves both of them seemingly concussed, and come the next day it only becomes apparent that they’ve ended up transitioning bodies!


Following the lead of previous big ad campaigns in recent years, these short films that Nike create are designed to inspire young athletes to put in the work in order to reap the rewards of success. In the modern day age of the internet and social media platforms, young people feel as though they want to make a name for themselves without putting the groundwork in to get there, but in the world of sport and football in particular, you’re only as good as your body and mind are trained to be.


We look forward to seeing how this years tournament plays out. Keep an eye on the blog and Snapchat (sizeofficial) next week, when we’ll be over in Paris checking out Nike’s Palais of Speed, and taking part in a tournament of our own…


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