A Guide to our Selection of Denim – Levi’s

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For the next instalment in the guide to our selection of denim at size?, we turn our attention to icons of the industry, Levi’s. Examining three new takes on some of their classic fits, we take a look at what’s made Levi’s into one of the most iconic denim manufacturers in the world.


Setting up the business in 1873, Levi Strauss is the brainchild behind perhaps the most recognised brand of denim jeans in the world, and the godfather of the ‘blue jean’. Born in Bavaria and later emigrating to New York with his remaining family, Levi’s brother owned a wholesale dry goods company by the name of ‘J. Strauss Brother & Co’, which he later became a representative for based out in San Francisco. Thriving in his position, Levi later renamed his part of the company under the moniker ‘Levi Strauss & Co.’

In 1872, Levi received a letter from a customer named Jacob Davis, detailing the techniques he used to make pants of his own for his customers, and various ways of reinforcing construction using rivets to make them last longer through the demands of labour. Davis and Strauss opted to go into business with each other in order to patent the idea in 1873, and thus on May 20th of the same year, Blue Jeans were born (or as they were aptly named at the time, ‘waist overalls’).

Bringing us closer to the present day, Levi’s have continued to represent a classic part of americana style for the past century. Evolving the range into a full lifestyle output after starting out in the workwear industry, there are still key styles that full represent their dedication to denim.

Let’s take a look at three Levi’s styles currently available from size? online and in selected stores. Our full range of Levi’s are also available online here.

501 CT Distressed ‘Dirty Dawn’


The most dramatic looking piece in the range of Levi’s we’ve taken a look at is a distressed version of the brands classic 501 shape. Presented with several vintage style worn effects across the front of the leg, this pair looks as though it’s had a lengthy life-span of wear to get to this stage. Large blowout’s are apparent across both of the knee areas, and worn perforations trail up the thigh.

An all round relaxed fit across the main body of the pant, the shape slightly begins to taper as you head down towards the foot. The 501 bares all the signs of a flagship pair of Levi’s, with the signature 5-pocket set-up, leather hip patch and their iconic red label.

Shop 501 CT Distressed now.

511 Slim Fit


A bit more of a formal make-up to the 501 we previously looked at, the slimmer fitting 511 Magnus is a much cleaner cut pair of jeans. This grey colour option in particular is an interesting change up to your regular blue or indigo with slight fades run up the thighs on the front and rear, and pre-applied wrinkling around the top area. Back tonal stitching is used throughout both the construction and detailing, sitting alongside silver hardware used for the button and front rivets.

The slim, straight fit runs true throughout, fitting the form perfectly, but allowing enough room to still move around comfortably.

Shop 511 Slim Fit now.

520 Extreme Taper


The slimmest fitting piece in our Levi’s selection is the 520 in ‘Broken Raw’. The pair starts off looser around the top block with a slight dropped crotch, but as you descend down the leg they become very tightly fitted around the calf area. A fairly flat, raw denim colouring across the board, over time fades should start to take effect as the denim moves and degrades with your body.

Shop 520 Extreme Taper now.

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