Crepe City Magazine – Issue 2

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With the expansion of internet based media at it’s peak in this moment of time, it’s always refreshing to see a new print based publication come out, producing something you can physically hold and experience. Crepe City return for the second issue of their magazine after a first successful launch last year.

This latest issue is much thicker in size than it’s predecessor and contains a lot more in-depth features discussing the current state of the footwear industry. Interviews with adidas Global Design VP Nic Galway and Vans brand front man Steve Van Doren sit alongside contributing pieces by Gary Warnett and Gary Aspden which make for an interesting read into the culture, as opposed to purely focusing on the surface element of product. Overall it’s a great insight into area’s about the shoes you wear that we’re sure a lot of people will not be aware of.

Crepe City Magazine Issue 2 is available online and in selected size? stores now.


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