A Guide to our Selection of Denim – LEE

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The process of buying new denim can be a precarious journey, whether it be choosing an incorrectly estimated waist size, an unflatteringly tight fitting leg, or a wash that doesn’t suit the specific style you’re after. In this series our objective is to break down some of the key styles from each of our growing list of denim brands and highlight their defining features.

This week we’ve analysed three of the main styles from the Lee range we currently have in stock and have tried to explain in the easiest way possible how each one fits your body and what specifics separate them from the pair sitting on the rack next to it.


Established in 1889 in Kansas by Henry David Lee, the H.D Mercantile Company specialised in producing high quality workwear for an era where Industrial work was at the forefront of the job market globally. Lee was unhappy with the level of product being imported from Eastern suppliers and convinced his company could produce a higher quality garment, set up the brand to cater for the hardwearing demands of working in the manual labour industry. The companies work orientated aesthetic still lives on today through it’s vast product range, and a focus on denim built to last is still one of the main features.


Of the three styles in our selection, the Malone is probably the skinniest fitting of them all. With a regular waist and standard fitting top block, the main emphasis of tight fit is visible in the tapered leg which descends evenly towards the cuff. Lee’s Power Stretch Denim allows for extra movement throughout rather than the constant feeling of restriction and having to adjust constantly.

Slight faded details are noticeable throughout that kickstart the worn look synonymous with denim, with contrast stitching and tonal branding finishing this pair off nicely. As with most denim products, over time the Ink Black colouring on this style will slowly begin to fade and develop its own individual character.

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Slightly looser in shape than the Malone, Luke still maintains the tapered leg fit that ensures your denim isn’t sitting too wide around your footwear and hugs your leg in a comfortable manner. The formation is closer to your average fitting style, with a regular waist and straight taper leading down to a tighter ankle cuff.

The Luke fit is available in a variety of washes, ranging from the classic flat indigo blue with no signs of fading to begin with, to ‘Blue Trash’, constructed from premium Italian denim and featuring distressed patches and a pre-washed fade all over. Bronze coloured stitching is used to display Lee’s signature ‘Lazy S’ rear pocket detailing, a trademark feature along with the classic leather branding patch.

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Arvin is more of a general all-rounder. The top block area has plenty of room for comfort, and a slight taper in the leg still maintains the form fitting property some people are looking for. The particular style we’ve been looking at features the instantly recognisable stone-wash effect, a classic colourway across any brands archive of product that strongly represents Lee’s traditional beginnings as a workwear brand.

Around the upper thigh area pre-made whiskering is visible. Noted as a recognisable denim detail, this physical pattern will slowly develop over time the more your legs move and effect the abrasive nature of the material.

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