Nike Mayfly OG

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Footwear concepts have taken inspiration from a multitude of influences over the years, from the chickens feet that influenced New Balances revolutionary arch support system, to the Air Jordan XIII’s Panther inspired outsole. Not many though can openly say they’re designed with a limited lifespan akin to that of an airborne, aquatic insect.  The Nike Mayfly is that shoe.
Created back in 2003, the Mayfly was designed purely as a race day shoe, with the aim of lasting you out for 100km of intense pavement pounding before its life would end, much like it’s aerial counterpart which is born, breeds, and dies all within a 24 hour period.

Returning in its original, minimally constructed make-up, The Mayfly comprises of an upper made from Nylon and suede, sitting atop a Phylon injected single piece midsole to ensure no extra weight is added onto the shoe to hinder performance when it’s time to race. White lines meander across the sidewalls, mimicking the construction of the Mayflys paper-thin wings and the membrane that holds them together, which along with the textural nylon work as a fitting tribute to the efímera.

The Nike Mayfly OG is now available online and in selected size? stores.


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