Blurring the Boundaries of Art & Everyday with the adidas Originals Superstar via It’s Nice That

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Athens based creative Marion Toy’s (real name Mári Dimitrouli) playful approach to blurring the boundaries of art and the everyday sees colour take centre stage in forming unexpected aesthetic partnerships.

Collaborating with photographer Panos Georgiou, Marion’s concept and creative direction for Coming Through! takes Pharrell William’s adidas Originals Superstar Supercolor and pairs the pink, green, yellow and red shoes with a doughnut, a dinosaur, a Lego brick, and a “superstar” branded record.

“I noticed adidas Superstar Supercolor by Pharrell Williams about a month before their launch in Athens. I wanted to create my first series and those shoes were exactly what I was looking for. The core idea – tennis racket/shredder – was stuck on my mind for over a year and I was trying to find something that would possibly match.” said Marion.

Playing on the diversity that the Supercolor versions of the adidas Originals Superstar represent, Marion’s concept sees a pure white tennis racket act as the point of transition between childhood objects of amusement and adult shoes, perhaps symbolising the relevance of sport in translating play from youth to maturity.




 [Source: It’s Nice That]


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