Nike Tech Knit: Nike’s Latest Innovation

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Each time, before they even put pencil to paper, Nike designers gather insight from athletes. In Nike Sportswear, this performance approach is applied to lifestyle design to deliver innovation for everyday life. Designers seek inspiration from history and place, traveling the world to tap into global culture and current trends. Then, they synthesise their discoveries into groundbreaking designs.

The new Nike Tech Knit collection is a product of this distinct algorithm, combining empirical insight with thermoregulation findings to create pioneering garments with a progressive blend of form and function.


Inspiration from Everyday Life

Athletes, both professional and everyday, experience fluctuating body temperatures and desire garments that respond to their varying level of activity to help enable the natural thermoregulation process. The athlete’s average day provides the blueprint for this engineering.


Interdisciplinary Collaboration

To engineer apparel that offers both warmth and breathability for more than 14 hours of movement, while advancing aesthetics, Nike designers collaborated with yarn specialists, computer programmers and knitting machine technicians to develop the next generation of technical knitwear.


The team combined cotton and nylon to create a new performance yarn, with an emphasis on rich texture and surface structure. They then experimented with different stitches and wefts to achieve the optimal knit, which – in keeping with the craft history of knit – is hand-finished.


Nike Tech Knit is engineered for warmth and designed to respond to its wearer’s environment and activity level while introducing a new, progressive aesthetic.


Tech Knit Hoody

Ergonomic zones are engineered into the fabric for flexibility and enhanced ventilation.

High-use areas are subtly reinforced and core regions strategically knit for structural warmth.


Tech Knit Pant

Innovative layering and stitching is informed by heat mapping.

Knit structure creates warmth and ventilation where needed to optimise all-day comfort.


Tech Knit Pocket Tee & Top

Mesh is incorporated for breathability.

Minimal seams and built-in stretch offer maximum comfort.


The Nike Tech Knit collection lands online, in size? for women and in size? stores next Thursday.

Stay tuned for more…

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