Introducing the host: Bludshot.

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Last weekend we re-launched size? Carnaby Street and to celebrate, we organised a #streetlurkin Insta-Meet at the store, hosted by @bludshot.

Silas Lee, known for his Instagram handle and photographer alias @bludshot, is one of the two founders of Team Cozy aswell as working for Highsnobiety.

Originally born in London before moving over to the United States and Hong Kong, it wasn’t until his work with HYPEBEAST when Silas first picked up a camera. That was when it all took off; he loved creating his own look and aesthetic and Instagram provided the perfect platform to showcase his imagery.

For the day, Silas invited a group of London photographers into to the store to each pick a pair of trainers before taking to the streets of London taking photos.

You can see the full Street Lurkin film here.

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