Jason Markk – Protection from the Earth.

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Made to protect you from any eventuality, Jason Markk has become the ultimate daily essential. Whether it’s a spray of Repel in the morning or a quick wipe on the go, these products are here to remove all boundaries from your daily treks. 

General Cleaning Directions

1. Dip brush into a bowl of water

2. Apply liberal amount of solution to brush

3. Dip brush back into a bowl of water

4. Scrub sneakers creating foaming action

5. Wipe clean with cloth or towel – Repeat steps 1-5 if needed

6. Air dry

Cleaning Suede

Cleaning suede is a fear of many. But with the Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner and the proper techniques, you’ll soon be cleaning suede like a pro! Ready? Let’s get started!

When attempting to clean dyed suede, proceed with extreme caution. Dyed suede is likely to bleed with ANY contact with water.

An easy way to test for bleeding is to take a light-colored towel and lightly brush the suede to check for any color transfer.

When cleaning suede or any other delicate materials, be sure to use our Premium Brush which has softer hog bristles.

Below we’ve included a list of our selection of Jason Markk’s products.

Essential Kit – Shop Now

4 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution – Does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives – 98.3% Natural and completely biodegradable – Safe on all colors and materials – Effectively cleans and conditions – Cleans up to 100 pairs of sneakers

Standard Sneaker Cleaning Brush – Shop Now

Synthetic bristle great for general cleaning – Handcrafted wood handle – Heat-stamped Jason Markk logo on handle – Excellent for tackling dirt on midsoles – Great for all-around cleaning – Tough on stubborn stains

*NOTE: When cleaning premium leather, suede, cotton mesh and other delicate materials take extra care and be gentle. We highly recommend using our Premium Shoe Cleaning Brush. The softer hog bristles are better suited for use on delicate surfaces.

Premium Sneaker Cleaning Brush – Shop Now

Softer hog bristle excellent for cleaning delicate materials – Handcrafted walnut wood handle – Heat-stamped Jason Markk logo on handle – Ideal on delicate materials such as premium leather, suede or cotton mesh

8oz Premium Sneaker Solution – Shop Now

8oz. Cleans up to 200 pairs of sneakers – Does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives – 98.3% Natural and completely biodegradable – Safe on all colors and materials – Effectively cleans and conditions – Cleans up to 200 pairs of sneakers

Quick Wipes – Shop Now

Set of 12 Wipes – Individually packaged – Superior cleaning ability – Extremely durable – Unique dual-textured substrate (wipe material)

NOTE: This product is not to be used on suede and/or nubuck.

Repel – Available in size? stores only

Net Wt. 6.76 oz. – Water based. Odorless and colorless – Will not alter the look or feel of material – Excellent durability – Made in the USA

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