Levi’s: The Story of the 501® Jean

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Since its creation over 140 years ago, Levi’s has quickly become one of the largest known denim brands in the world today. The 501® jean has become the staple piece for many, creating a style icon of various cultures, from young to old and punk to prep. The classic design has spawned numerous modifications, with the slim-fitting 511 being only one of the thousands that are on offer.

Standing the test of time has been hard, but Levi’s has gone from strength to strength constructing one of the most democratic fashion items ever created, and defined by the people who wear it, as you can see in the short video.

2015 sees the return of the 501, under the guise of the 501 CT Jean. People have been doing it for decades: customising their 501® Jeans. One of the ways seen in every country, city and town, was tapering the leg. Whether they do it themselves or with the help of a tailor— they’re creating their own version. So Levis thought, let’s do the work for them.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the release of the 501 CT Jean.

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