The World Disassembled

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Leading up to the launch of our exclusive New Balance 1500 ‘Deconstructed’, we’ve looked into all things deconstructed.

In 2003, to mark the launch of the new Honda Accord, they disassembled one of the vehicles and utilised each part in one big chain.


Another example is by artist Todd Mclennan, renowned for his deconstructions of everyday items.


For each piece, Todd painstakingly takes apart each element and aspect and lays it out for the shoot, resulting in an incredibly detailed and insightful shot.


Foods can also be deconstructed; Molecular Gastronomy is when you take the regular ingredients used in a dish and start to change their forms and properties.

A chef famous for using some of these techniques is Heston Blumenthal, with dishes like his super fish & chips and curry ice cream.

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