Ransom Holding Co ‘Island’ Expedition by Jeremy Koreski

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Ransom joined photographer Jeremy Koreski for a couple days on Vancouver Island with the Tofino native spending much of his life exploring the many inlets and islands throughout Clayoquot Sound. Many of the sound’s ecological treasures are accessible by boat only, and the small sandy, almost tropical looking island proved to be quite alluring; Jeremy and his team anchored for further exploration.

Travelling back to Vancouver from Tofino is an enjoyable stretch of highway; twisting and turning through an array of scenic wonders. From the Pacific Coast, across the island’s central mountain range, the Pacific Rim Highway offers a number of opportunities to pull off the path and play — from rocky riverbeds in the valley to the overhanging natural cathedrals of 800-year-old Douglas Fir trees.

The photo shoot features the Strata, Field Lite Perforated and Alta Mid which are available online here and in selected size? stores.

RNSM-SP15-Koreski-1 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-2 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-4 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-4_2 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-6 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-7 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-9 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-13 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-12_2 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-15 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-16 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-18 RNSM-SP15-Koreski-17_1

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