5 Minutes with Alex James of Publish & Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

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We recently caught up with Alex James, the Creative Brand Manager for Publish. We sat down to talk through how the brand started off, the inspiration behind their latest collection and what to expect from them in 2015.

What are the foundations beneath the brand and how did it come about? 

The brand was started with a passion for clothing, design, quality, and a platform for growth in a new market. At the time no one was doing cross over collections where street wear meets contemporary. We were growing up and didn’t want to wear crazy street wear but still wanted to retain a youthful charm but with a specific style identity.

Why the name Publish? 

The name Publish comes from the concept of working hard on a project, giving your heart and soul, and your crowning achievement is when the final product is published.

In terms of personal as opposed to the business, what inspires and drives you? 

We find inspiration everywhere. Our home base of Huntington Beach all the way to Osaka Japan and beyond. Each day opens a new door to explore, learn, and grow. We find beauty in the most simplistic things, others can’t see that.

Take us through your usual day… What does it entail? 

Usual day always starts off with a plethora of emails. Have to make sure everything is on point. We have around 25 releases a year. We have an awesome team and everyone works together to reach a common goal. It’s an amazing thing when all the parts work in unison. We are nothing without team!

From start to finish, how long does it take for a product to come to fruition from the sketchbook pages to the rails? 

Great things take time. Concept to creation in a perfect world is about 90 days but thats not always the case. We work super far in advance to  make sure deadlines are met and exceeded.

Is it a conscious effort, or just a natural progression of the brand in relation to Publish’s unique garments and cuts? 

Our unique fits and garments are a mix of being able to foresee trends while pushing our own trends. At the same time, making a conscious effort to give our consumer what they want.  We are making clothing that will withstand the test of time, Today for Tomorrow!

What’s the theme behind this season’s collection? 

The idea behind the current collection “ The Resistance” is about forgetting everything you know about your style and step out of your comfort zone. Resist current trends and try something new. The response has been amazing.

Finally, what’s next for Publish? 

We have some amazing collaborations coming out in the next 18 months.  I can mention two of them. Boots with Timberland and trainers with Reebok. Stay tuned.


The Publish Spring/Summer 2015 Collection was created to make the user think how you want to present yourself in the future. They want the wearer to resist old habits and think outside the box of conformity. Their new design approach has yielded Publish Brand’s largest and most comprehensive collection to date. From bold, unique prints to reinvented classics, the Resistance is sure to make a statement in 2015 and leave an original mark in the landscape of today’s fashion based world.

The latest Publish product is available online and in selected size? stores now.

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Model – Eagelblakk

Photography – Jack R Johnstone

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