Introducing: L’Alpina Australian.

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In Italy, L’Alpina Australian has been one of the pioneers of a lifestyle with a strong connotation in the tennis sports sector. The brand has acquired great appeal and strong identity on the market thanks to its articles of clothing, that combine technical characteristics, practicality and comfort.


Founded in 1946 by Leardo Gabrielli, L’Alpina Maglierie Sportive S.p.A. entered the knitwear market in a revolutionary way with new fabrics and spun yarns.


At the heart of the business is a combination of creativeness, quality and class. Tennis clothing therefore became the perfect combination between the three.


With the garments being made in Italy, the continuous search of shapes and fabrics have contributed in making the L’Alpina Australian product an article of clothing with an unmistakable cut, making quality, comfort and longevity the guidelines of its collections.


The latest selection of premium tracksuits from L’Alpina has now landed online and in selected size? stores.



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