ASICS Tiger ‘The History’ Book

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2015 is an exciting year for ASICS Tiger with a brand rename, the 25th Anniversary of the GEL-LYTE III and a new ‘EVO’ series of footwear. Their story began in 1949 when Kihachiro Onitsuka created Onitsuka Co Ltd. Motivated by a lack of self-esteem in Kobe’s youngsters post-war and a belief that fitness was a significant solution, the company took shape. Striving for perfection, innovation was part of the output from the earliest days of the company. A sound mind in a sound body was Onitsuka’s original vision for betterment and it’s still part of the ASICS Tiger plan.

In 1986, ASICS introduced alpha GEL into its high performance sports models. The GEL-LYTE series was highly regarded for its performance and design, and was widely worn by top athletes and sports devotees alike. This technological advancement became an instant classic, and via authentic reissues and sound evolutions of historical products the GEL range of footwear is still as relevant now as when it was first launched.

This publication gives a thorough overview of all ASICS Tiger’s notable releases. It features styles currently available such as the GEL-LYTE III (1990) and the GEL-KAYANO (1993) plus more obscure releases such as the Marathon Tabi (1953) and the Onick Ski Boot (1972).

The limited edition ASICS Tiger ‘The History’ hardback book will be given away in sizes? store with purchases of the ASICS x size? 25th Anniversary Pack (while stock last only).


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