Well Travelled: Hawaii via Herschel.

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Following on from their ‘Well Travelled‘ series, Herschel Supply showcase how versatile and useful their products are by following the progress of photographer Rebecca Bundschuh. Follow along on her trip to Hawaii with her words and photos below…

Travelling with a family is a different beast. The responsibility of caring for others while navigating new surroundings can present challenges. Those who persevere are often rewarded, like I was while exploring the magical land of Hawaii with my children. I love the comfort and excitement of experiencing new places with them and capturing those moments with my camera.

Another beautiful beach, another beautiful bay.

The details of paradise.

Getting my daily dose of Vitamin Sea.

Walking on the golden sand.

Meditate and let the waves wash it away.

Different directions.

Outdoor shower.

The essence of yin and yang.

Reflections in a rabbit hole.

We are #WellTravelled.

Never want to leave this paradise.

Sunlight shining through the storm.

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