Introducing: ALIGN

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ALIGN (uhlahyn), the act of ALIGNment (uhlahynmuh nt) =

1. The line formed.

2. The proper adjustment of the components for coordinated functioning; to adjust to improve the response.

This is the essence of ALIGN = taking timeless sporting apparel silhouettes from and surrounding the field of play, and then re-ALIGNing them into classic, contemporary staples that can be worn in everyday lifestyle.

Looking at the field sports staples = varsity coats, coach jackets, rugby shirts and windbreakers, ALIGN utilises modern materials and contemporary design to develop each piece from pure heritage, to an elevated place of modernism easily transferred to street style and premium wearability.

This winter inspired season tunes the material mixes = Sports Mesh, Heavy Loopback Jersey, 100% leather and Taslan Nylon, with coordinated  flashes of 3M reflective bonding designed for dark days and cold nights.

The line is formed.

Improve the response.

Join in the cause.

The ALIGN collection releases online and in selected size? stores over the next week.

ALIGN_presspack_17 ALIGN_presspack_16 ALIGN_presspack_15 ALIGN_presspack_14 ALIGN_presspack_13 ALIGN_presspack_12 ALIGN_presspack_11 ALIGN_presspack_10 ALIGN_presspack_09 ALIGN_presspack_08 ALIGN_presspack_07 ALIGN_presspack_06 ALIGN_presspack_05 ALIGN_presspack_04 ALIGN_presspack_03

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