HUF x Thrasher Magazine ‘Stoops Asia Tour’

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The HUF ‘Stoops Asia Tour’ was a trip to be remembered: good times, good vibes, amazing skaters, amazing skate spots. Not only that but the article was the fastest turn around in skate-magazine history. The following are some photos I liked that didn’t make the cut. Oh yeah, and BK passed out and we ate some weird food. — Jonathan Mehring

Brad Cromer nosegrinds across an epic street gap in front of one of Bangkok’s many temples.

Peter Ramondetta hoists a proper frontside flip over this hip in Tokyo.

Brad Cromer, fast plant right outta the frame. Tokyo.

Crew. Arrival. Tokyo.

People in masks. Tokyo.

Dan Plunkett, street gap to street gap. Ollie to kickflip.

Cromer, cutty to Smith on a tall one. Tokyo.

Kevin Terpening, van life.

Sammy Winter switch wallies a planter like it’s 1999.

Chicks for sale. All sizes, one shape. Tokyo.

Brandon Kuzma, like no other.

Plunkett, frontal flip in Osaka.

The crew in Osaka.

Brian Kelley (BK), thrill seeking.

Josh Matthews, front nose transfer into a crusty bank. Seoul, South Korea.

Hiding from the cops in Osaka. Super concerned, obviously.

Joey Pepper, Smith 180 for the gang. Seoul.

Taipei, Taiwan.

Joey Pepper, blunt to fakie at an epic spot in Taiwan.

And the sun sets on another adventure. Till next time…


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