Eastpak ‘Made For Your City’: ISTANBUL

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To coincide with our ‘Made For Your City’ competition with Eastpak, they have created the ‘#madefor 24hr city blog‘. Their blog focuses on exploring, discovering and creating within the most iconic cities in the world, with this months city in focus being Istanbul.

Discover the modern yet historical, Western yet Oriental city of Istanbul… all through the eyes of someone who shares a passion for the city.

Selim Köroglu, a well established blogger, painter and stylist in his own right. Follow in his footsteps and get lost in his dream of this most inspiring and intriguing city.


Whether you’re a worldly traveler, native weekender or plain-old adventurer, SuB Karaköy is a true paradise of energy and creativity. An absolute must on any itinerary. The hotel lies literally in-between the old and the new city, making you a part of both worlds.



Cafe Lumière offers a full-on Anatolian breakfast with loads of local specialties and international delicacies to choose from. You can enjoy your breakfast in their wonderful garden, this is the place to be whether you want to start the new day afresh or just recover from the old one.



The best way to discover this eclectic and alluring quarter of Istanbul, is to literally lose yourself in its narrow streets, winding alleyways and charming squares. You’ll see why this is a favorite haunt of many of the city’s art and expat scene. Make your way to Çukurcuma Square and branch out from there, picking up all manner of antiques, curiosities, artworks and artifacts along the way.



How much vintage fashion, one-off accessories and other classic paraphernalia can you fit into a single store? I can spend hours in Binbavul perusing the shelves of this tucked away gem in the heart of Tünel, finding accessories for my creations and old shirts to wear. It has everything to tempt the nostalgic at heart, from the swingin’ 20s to the happenin’ 70s.



While you’re waiting for the ferry to take you across, grab one of the best Turkish coffees in town at this up-beat café with its gorgeous tiled interior. Served, of course, with all manner of sweets for which the Turkish are famous. I also just love to sit here and draw all the afternoon long.



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