FAQs: Everything you need to know about our footwear launches

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Q: I was on the ‘Latest Footwear’ page at exactly 8:00am, but the shoe I have been waiting for isn’t showing. How do I find it?

A: We use direct links supplied in our email newsletters and social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, for all of our launch products to make sure the timing is 100% accurate. This gives you direct access to the product before it’s actually available on our ‘latest’ page.


Q: I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, how do I get to the product before it sells out?

A: Both our Facebook and Twitter pages are publicly accessible and don’t require you to have an account to view them. We also send out a dedicated email newsletter for a large majority of our footwear releases which host a direct link to the product. You can sign up HERE!


Q: I had an item in my basket but it has disappeared at the payment stage – why ?

A: Like many other online retailers, adding the product to your basket DOES NOT automatically mean that it is put on hold for you. It is only when your order has been processed, and the payment has been made that you have successfully made your purchase. Unfortunately whilst you are processing your order, the items aren’t technically sold, and they still show up in the dropdown boxes on the product page for other people to both view and purchase. To speed up the process It may also help if you are already logged into your size? account beforehand.


Q: If there are still sizes showing in the dropdown box, why does the page refresh when I go through to the checkout, and then says they aren’t available anymore?

A: If someone else has processed their order before you have had chance to, it can sometimes take the system a little while to update, therefore looking like your size is still available


Q: Why does my size say “out of stock” but then after a while, or even a day or two later it shows back in stock?

A: Sometimes launch product comes back into stock due to failed payments and returns. We also transfer last remaining items from stores back online after a certain period.


Q:  I have ordered the wrong size, can I change it? (Please note: They will always be in UK sizes)

A: If this happens, then you should get in touch with our Customer Service team by either contacting them on Twitter (@sizehelpteam) or by emailing your details and request to them directly ( They will then CANCEL your order so you don’t get charged, but you will then have to place your order once more.


Q: I don’t live in the UK and don’t know what time the next release will be. How do I find out?

A: We always announce our footwear launch times in BST (British Standard Time) or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) depending on the time of year. You can check what this time is relevant to you around the world HERE.


Q: Why do some of your footwear releases end up on eBay?

A: Due to the demand for our limited releases, you will often see our product being “re-sold” in various places including auction sites, such as eBay. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to control what happens to the stock once we have sold it. However we don’t sell any of our releases in bulk, nor do we allow any of our staff to re-sell.


Q: Why can I buy your releases on eBay before they’ve even been launched?

A: The way the majority of re-sellers work is that they use a dedicated network of people buying our product on launch day from our stores all over the country and online, so they can guarantee a full size range (what you will see on eBay etc). If you look at the end dates on these listings, they will almost always end either ON or AFTER our official release date, when they will then have access to the product via their buying network.


Q: Why don’t you do pre-order?

A: We don’t provide a pre-ordering system because sometimes we get a lower amount of footwear delivered by the brands than first thought. If this does happen, then we would then have to refund a certain amount of customers picked at random, and I’m sure you’ll agree that this isn’t fair!

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