Well Travelled: Machu Picchu, Peru via Herschel.

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Following on from their ‘Well Travelled‘ series, Herschel Supply showcase how versatile and useful their products are by following the progress of photographer Kris Dbie. Follow along on his trip to Peru with his words and photos below…

A few months ago, if I were more optimistic than I actually am, I’d have envisioned that maybe someday I would make it to Peru to visit Machu Picchu. Fortunately, thanks to Herschel Supply and Intrepid Travel’s Wander the World contest, my wife and I were able to visit this wonderful country this summer. Not only did we see the unimaginably spectacular city of Machu Picchu, we also spent over a week touring Peru, eating delicious local food and meeting great people along the way. Every detail of our tour was beautifully organized by Intrepid Travel, making for a stress-free, educational and memorable trip.

The second leg of our 6 plane, 5 bus, 2 train, 1 boat and 1 pedicab journey.

Even in winter it’s easy to find surfing lessons along Lima’s coast.

The House of Peruvian Literature in Lima’s city center, formerly a train station.

Evening view from a balcony in downtown Cusco.

An old man crosses the street in Cusco on his way to the early morning market.

Early morning sun at Machu Picchu.

Even after seeing this place in person, it’s hard to believe it exists.

The train to Aguas Calientes follows the Urubamba River and passes the beginning of the Inca Trail, visible on the left of the tracks.

The bus ride from Cusco to Puno took us through some remote villages and an over 14,000 ft. elevation. We also rear-ended a delivery truck.

View of Lake Titicaca and Puno in the distance, from Llachon.

The view from our homestay in Llachon – Lake Titicaca and Puno in the distance. A tour mate of ours described the stars in rural Peru best: “It’s like God’s let a six-year-old loose with the glitter.”

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