Well Travelled: Oslo, Norway via Herschel

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Following on from their ‘Well Travelled‘ series, Herschel Supply showcase how versatile and useful their products are by following the progress of photographer Mattia Buffoli.

Mattia Buffoli, is a lifestyle photographer based in Milan who specializes in analog photography. Film has a special meaning for him as a lover of cinema and appreciator of everyday life frozen in time by the great masters such as Doisneau, Frank, Erwitt & Parr. His has been selected for two talent competitions organized by Vogue and works with clients such as Prada and Ikea. Mattia is the latest photographer to share his story through Well Travelled. Enjoy his images and words below…

At the beginning of August some friends and I paid a visit to our norwegian friend Daniel on the farm where he grew up. Located in Skifterud the farm is 170 km far away from Oslo. His parents Gaby and Rupert moved there in 1984 with a horse, a wagon, their two year old son and goat. Their dream was to be independent and to live amongst nature. Thirty years later, that dream is their reality, even if it might look a bit different. We stayed there for 5 days like a community, cooking for 20 people, chopping the wood, taking care of the farm and celebrating Daniel’s birthday. From there we continued up to Goteborg in Sweden, stopping in Capri Stromstad, a beautiful place along the North Sea.

During the car ride from Oslo to the farm we stopped to look at the rising sun.

The goats used to wake us up in the morning.

My backpack in the “Holy Farm”.

Nice place to have a cup of tea.

There was also a river nearby and Daniel decided to dive from a tree trunk.

The view from my window.

Our daily walk in the mountain.

This white moss covered a lot of these places.

New places, old cars.

The North Sea.

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