Brand Focus: Hall Of Fame

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A Hall Of Fame performs as a shrine to the very best in a field honouring excellence and supremacy. Hall Of Fame, the brand, reflects this institution as an ode to classic american sports culture in a current environment; taking a rather unconventional path whilst honouring a classic american culture by combining elements of professional sports, streetwear to create clothing of the highest quality.


With a nod to the past and concepts of the future, they are creating items that can only be described as the new vintage. In 2007, Hall Of Fame’s initial goal was to become the leading brand, and store, to sell innovative fitted hats. In the years since the brand began, the demand grew and led the company to expand into graphic tees, sweatshirts, jackets and more.


These specialty items are displayed in the namesake store behind glass, indicating their stature and emulating the classic Hall’s Of Fame around the world. The store is located on the Fairfax strip, which has fast become an important destination for street fashion and culture.


Just as every sport has its core elements, so too does streetwear. After over ten years of experience in various branches of the street and sportswear world, the proprietors of Hall Of Fame have recognised the importance of creating authentic products that have meaning. One should be good enough to be noticed, and great enough to be remembered.


You can see Hall Of Fame’s latest collection here.


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