Komono x Jean-Michel Basquiat Watch Collection

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Komono releases the first of their premium ‘Komono Curated’ series by collaborating with the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat on 6 limited edition watches.

Basquiat, an artist many mention in the same breath as Warhol, died in the 80’s aged 27, making his work even more enigmatic and raw. His passion was founded whilst still a teenager; concentrating more on street art and graffiti. This soon transcended into neo-expressionist paintings with a real contemporary feel, with some abstract images depicting society, subconsciously showcasing his opinion to the onlooking public.

Since his death, Basquiat’s legacy has only grown stronger, with both Kanye West and Jay-Z frequently quoting him throughout their music. New York based skate brand Supreme also famously collaborated with the artist on a collection last year too.

For this collaboration, Komono have given 6 watches as a canvas for Basquiat’s work to take hold of. Featuring his iconic crown logo, each watch has a unique printed wristband; no watch is the same. Each piece is taken from an original Basquiat painting, giving each watch a real personality and personal quality.

The Komonon x Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection will be available online over the next few days.

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